Wednesday 31 August 2022

Possible Wild boar tusks and clay pipes. Excavating Korsholm Castle day 3/6.

Today was the rainiest day so far but despite the weather Gods not beeing on our side we managed to get quite a lot done on site. One of the nicest finds today was an almost complete tusk from a wild boar and many other bone fragments from a variety of different domestic animals and game.

A nice find, a tusk from a wild boar.

This day the schollchildren came from Vanhan Vaasan koulu, a school for finnish speaking kids and situated close to the excavation site. The children and their teacher enjoyed the day to the full despite the occasional rain showers. 

Students from Vanhan Vaasan koulu photographed  today.

More rain is expected tomorrow, but I´m convinced the excavation will continue as planned. More interesting finds are waiting to be discovered  as we near the final excavation layers of this years dig :)

Photographers from the media documenting todays work

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