Saturday 20 August 2022

Sun and lovely potsherds. Day 4 of the Ruskiasuo excavation

Today we started exvating the bottom part of the find layer. More finds of large potsherds emerged along with a large amount of burnt bone and also a large burnt fragment of a tool made of antler .

A few of the many Early Comb Ceramic Culture potsherds found today

The outlines of two refuse pits could be also be observed today. The soil in the first one is very dark in colour and the finds consist of large amounts of small potsherds and burnt bone. The other refuse pit is filled with large potsherds from many different clay vessels and the colour of the soil is light brown. Careful cleaning of the excavation level is necessary before documentation.

One of the participants preparing the excavation area for documentation.

Tomorrow is the final day of the 2022 dig. Although some excavation work still remains to be done we will probably start filling up the excavation area around 1 PM. Luckily enough the excavation will continue in 2023. See you then đź’“

The Ruskiasuo dwelling site is situated in the forest on the left side of the picture. The field is where the sea used to be (some 7000 years ago).

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