Wednesday 10 August 2022

Excavating a Late Comb Ceramic Culture dwelling site in Pitäjänmäki (Helsinki). Day 1/5

After a couple of days rest it was time to grab the trovel again today and start excavating one of the last remaining neolithic stone age dwelling sites in Helsinki. The site is situated on the edge of a beautiful park area just some 8 km:s from the heart of the city.

The 5 500 year old dwelling site is located in the forest, near a well kept park. 

During the neolithic stone-age 5 500 years ago the seal hunting population of this site lived on a shallow sandy cape by the sea. Because of the land uplift the area is now situated some 23 m:s above present day sea level.
A seal made out of concrete welcomes vistors of the park.

As this was only the first day of the one week long excavation the main task today was only to locate the excavation area of 2004 and continue excavation from where we left off 18 years ago. This proved to be more difficult than expected and we were able to reach the uppermost part of the find layer much later in the day than anticipated.

The topsoil has been removed, time to start digging.

On the first day of the excavation we encountered small finds of potsherds, flint- and quartz flakes over the entire excavation area. This is a good sign which usually means more finds deeper down in the find layer. The coming days will show what this site is all about so thumbs up!


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