Tuesday 30 August 2022

Excavating Korsholm Castle day 2/6. Fragments of 3-legged pots and much more.

Several fragments of 3-legged clay pots, including one handle were found during todays excavation. This type of pot was very common during the Late Middle Ages until the end of the 18th century. The pots were used for cooking food and the thre legs made it possible for the clay vessel to stand up straight in a hearth or on a stove.

A 3-legged clay pot and a fragment of a similar vessel found during todays excavations.

As during the day before the participating school children were again very focused and motivated during the entire day despite a gray and rainy morning. It´s always a joy to experience the  joy of discovering ancient artefacts on the childrens faces.

Talented diggers and a few of their finds, green glazed tableware and a fragment of an ornate clay pipe.

Most of todays finds can be dated to the 18th century but it seems much older finds are still deeper down in  the ground. Excavating these possibly Middle Age layers will however have to wait a while longer as the focus of this years excavation only is to assess the possiblities and methodology of future excavations of the site.

Students from Haga skola dig into the 18th century.

Tomorrow we will start documenting the remains and a few wooden structures in particular. We will aso start taking samples from the different layers which are easily visible in the excavation area profiles 


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