Wednesday 24 April 2013

JFA @ Ekenäs Gymnasium archaeology class

Professional JFA lectures and trial/rescue excavation of Långåmossarna (Raseborg) early comb ceramic (ca 4300 BC) dwelling site confirmed for late may 2013. Stay tuned!

The dwelling site (previously an island) now situated some 30+ meters above sea level. The gravel pit has destroyed 1/3 of the site.

Potsherds, quartz and porfyrite flakes and burnt seal bones found during an inspection of the site in 2012.

Tuesday 23 April 2013

Tomorrow Turku

A short visit to Turku (my hometown from 1983-1986 and 2006-2009) tomorrow to meet fellow archaeologist Teija Tiitinen from the National Board of Antiquities. The meeting has been postponed for much too long already but finally we both managed to find the time. Lot´s of things on the agenda regarding archaeological fieldwork and educating archaeology to schoolchildren. Looking forward to it and a visit to Turku castle (it´s been a while since last time).

Thursday 18 April 2013

Great first day of conference "Public and Private in the Roman House" in Helsinki

I especially enjoyed the presentatios given by Dr. Thomas Noble Howe on recent excavations in Stabiae and  the Villa San Marco and Adjacent Domus.

and PhD studentYukiko Kawamotos excellent presentation "Peristylium, Peristylum:Space and it´s Identity"

Wednesday 17 April 2013

Interesting features found on original excavation maps from Jokiniemi 1990-1992

Seems like the old excavation maps from Jokiniemi (1990-1992) can yield some info on the deposition of the neolithic clay anthropomorphic figurines after all. At the moment it seems probable that the finds can be attributed to a 30 m2 shallow depression situated  in the upper part of the dwelling site. This area show signs of intense activity approx 3200 BC but can´t at the moment be considered a dwelling or a house in itself just an area of intense activity.

I will post more as I get the excavation maps on one page :)

Jokiniemi (Jan Fast) april 1990

The excavated area in 1990

The first Jokiniemi anthropomorphic clay figurine (below) was found in square 113/554

Today I´ve been mostly reading anthropology (Mead and Malinowski)

Tuesday 16 April 2013

Public and Private in the Roman House

Interesting archaeological conference in Helsinki this week and I´m going. Thank you Antero Tammisto for reminding me :)

First signs of spring @ Skärgårdshavet

Water on the ice!

25.4.13 (evening)

For more updates on the upcoming spring and Ospreys in the archipelago visit 

Thursday 11 April 2013

Great documentary from the excavations in Motala, Sweden

With English subtitles!!

Visited professor Mika Lavento today

and got some great advice for my upcoming publication about the Jokiniemi and Maarinkunnas anthropomorphic clay figurines. Seems like I could have the article finished before the end of  2013 just need to get some more contacts in the Baltic states and Ekaterina Kashina in Russia.

It seems like it was a good thing not to rush the publication in the 1990´s as much more publications and research in the Baltic states and Russia has been published since then. Archaeology is also nothing without contacts and I didn´t have much of them at the time. Now back to writing again and reading this interesting book.

Monday 8 April 2013

Back in Espoo

I can´t help looking back at last weekend. The "Lazy Sunday".. Me and  my dear relaxing on the couch of Her wonderful home... Me writing on my archaeology articles  (mostly diagrams)  while she indulged herself in crossword puzzles.

And sometimes  in the smallest of things you find Love, and a heartbeat. well deserved.

ANGO trial excavation of a late bronze age site in Torsbacka in Espoo in 2006

"Photos courtesy of Esbo stadsmuseum/T. Gestrin"

ANGO excavating the oldest known stone age dwelling site in Espoo in 2006.

Some memories from the Lill Ingåla excavations. Pictures courtesy of Esbo stadsmuseum/T. Gestrin. The excavation was financed by Ango ry.

Friday 5 April 2013

Hey ho Helsinki

Time to go meet S. Gustafsson & co to discuss my upcoming article about Hertonäs gård. Hope I get some good ideas to work on the article and above all some good contacts for the future :)

Thursday 4 April 2013

Spending less time on Facebook but

... spending more time loving, taking care of family relations and writing. Feels like a new romance, suddenly you have all the time in the world to fill with... well you name it :). Kind of back to the Stone-Age. Stay tuned for archaeology.. the snow is slowly melting here in Finland.