Thursday 31 January 2013

What the Jan Fast Archaeology blog is all about

JFA (the blog and the real thing) is all about the idea of reaching out. Explaining archaeology to young people is a part of it, the importance and the pure excitement of archaeology is another aspect. The joy of discovering the past belongs to everyone.

It has been said that no other science than archaeology is more dependent on common interest. I think this is true in many senses, the professional archaeologists are far to few, we need help from many others interested in the topic, we need to be in the forefront of things, not behind.. 

With this blog I´m actively looking for contacts with people, professional and amateurs or laymen and teachers and students. Let´s work together for the love of archaeology and above all for the preservation of the past for the generations to come. 

Welcome to the pit!


"Living in the past " The 90´s

"The archaeology of the archaeologist" part one :D

Hertonäs on my mind

Started work on an article about  the late 18th century ceramic factory in Hertonäs/Herttoniemi in Helsinki. I will be combining cultural history (archive and written sources) with archaeology. First time I´m attempting this so it feels kinda scary at first but then again soo interesting :). The picture below is from the last excavation season (and yes it´s me to the right :).

Link to a short article about the excavation (in finnish)

University calling

And so it´s off to the university again for some interesting lectures and a visit to the National Library to get some new books about historical archaeology. Started writing on a new chapter of my book "In the footsteps of the archaeologist" this morning. The chapter is about an archaeological excavation in Malax Ostrobotnia (W. Finland), of people and memories around the excavation. Can´t wait to get back to writing more in the afternoon :).

Wednesday 30 January 2013

Another great day studying at the university of Helsinki

Another great day of studies, attended a lecture by professor eneritus Matti Klinge about the key points in European history (the myth of the collapse of he Roman empire) and headed home to Espoo by train in a major snowstorm. Now it´s back to the books for a while before some emails and such about an excavation I´m planning for may-june 2013, more about that one later :).

Hi there my dear friends of archaeology

Just starting... be patient. Here´s a gift for you while you wait, a piece of  so called Comb ceramic pottery from my excavation at the stone age dwelling site near Mustio Manor situated in Raseborg SW Finland. Let´s go back in time some 5000+ years.