Sunday 13 November 2016

The Finnish National Museum announces the opportunity to "Adopt a Cultural Object"

Finland celebrates it´s 100 years of independence next year. As part of the celebrations The National Museum of Finland has launched a campaign that makes it possible for anyone to be part of the preservation of cultural history of Finland.

It is now possible for a company or an individual to "adopt" a cultural object by participating in the conservation costs of a specific find (or finds) of extraordinary cultural value. The first items put out to be "adopted" are the finds associated with the 14th century/viking age gravegoods from the grave of the Janakkala Swordsman.

The grave of the "Janakkala Swordsman"

For 10 000 euros you get the fame for saving these unique finds for the future. The money donated will be used for the conservation of  all the finds associated with the grave (two swords, an iron axehead, an iron spearhead etc.). If you wish to help preserve the of the grave goods "Janakkala Swordsman" you are adviced to contact

The National Museum promises that the finds will be put on display at the Vapriikki Museum Centre in 2017 and after that in the National Museum of Finland or the castle of "Hämeen linna". Below is a short videoclip taken when the grave was was dug in late autumn 2013. 

The find was also presented on TV in an episode of the series "Medieval Dead".

Tim Sutherland (left) and NBA archaeologist Simo Vanhatalo (right) in Janakkala during the filming of the TV series.