Saturday 27 August 2022

Preparing for the Nordic Community Archaeology excavation NAU 2023

For the past  days we have been conducting trial excavations of the beautiful 4200 year old Late Neolithic dwelling site at Kimitoön Ölmosviken (SW Finland). Two archaeologists from Sweden participated and during our meeting we we agreed on several practicalities for the upcoming 3 week long community archaeology excavation. 

Neolithiv potsherd and large amounts of burnt seal and fishbones from one of the trial excavation pits.

The date for NAU 2023 is now set to July 17th until the 4th of August 2023 and children will be allowed to participate in the company of their parents. We also made some preliminary plans regarding additional program during the three weeks of excavation. More details about the excavation, how to register, transportation and accomodation will be advertised in about two months time! No previous experience of archaeology will be required in order to participate!

Art students from Helsingin kuvataidelukio and Kallion lukio participated and photographed their work for an upcoming photographic art exhibition in 2023 at Söderlångvik gård.

During the trial excavation we were able to narrow down the most promising area of the site to around 100 square meters. This is the area where we will be excavating in 2023. The number of participants for NAU 2023 from each Nordic country is limited so please watch out for more nformation about when to register here!

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