Thursday 12 September 2013

Långåmossarna research 2.

The finds from layer one are now cleaned and neatly arranged in archive boxes.The first excavation layer included potsherds from at least six different vessels (calculation based on the rim sherds). The pots seem to have been rather small with a diameter of only around 20-30 cm:s.
Three small fragments of anthropomorphic clay figurines that went unnoticed during the excavation were nice to "find again" among the numerous potsherds. The finds from layer one also included three fragments of polished stone tools as well as flakes of quartz, porfyrite and black slate The identified bones were all seal bones. Tomorrow it´s time for layer two... can´t wait :)

 Pottery, pottery, pottery... 

"Potsherd of the day"

Tuesday 10 September 2013

Långåmossarna research 1.

Started working with the excavation finds from Raseborg Långåmossarna SW Finland today (mainly sorting the finds and "getting ready").. Will post more on a daily basis :)

 Some 0,5 kg of wonderful uncleaned stone age ceramics (ca 5000 B.C.) from the first level of he trial pit  
(1 x 1 m and 10 cm excavation layer).

Tuesday 3 September 2013

Great article in about two viking age ship burials from Estonia in this months issue of "Archaeology Magazine"

"In 2008, workers digging trenches for electrical cables on the tiny island of Salme uncovered human bones and a variety of odd objects..."

Read more about this intriguing find here:

First corded ware grave found in Estonia (Narva region) since 1948

A corded ware culture double burial was found in july during excavations in Narva Estonia. The finds from the grave consisted of three ceramic vessels (one of them was an amphorae), two battle axes, an adze an amber pendant. Sadly the only sign of the deceased were the teeth of the other individual. 

The excavation was supervised by professor Aivar Kriiska and members of the Finnish based amateur archaeology society ANGO ry participated in the dig for two weeks. The excavations of this promising site will continue next year.

Battleaxe and ceramic vessel from the Narva corded ware culture grave

Ceramic vessel 1 (from the trial pit). 

 Axe from the trial pit (oikokirves)

Video here:

Article here (in estonian):

Sunday 1 September 2013

Some find :)

Took to the forest today not so much in search of prehistoric finds but porcini <3. The lighter side of archaeology :)