Thursday 4 August 2022

Excavating a neolithic Pitted Ware Culture dwelling site in Geta. Day 9 /10

Ultimately every excavation has to end. Because of heavy rain tomorrow we finished the excavation of the beautiful neolithic stone-age dwelling site in Geta already today. A few very interesting spots were left to be excavated in 2023 but 90% of the excavated area is snow filled up and carefully restored to its pre-excavation state. The finds were plentiful until the last very last minutes of the dig.

Last minute finds, large neolithic potsherds from excavation layer 4.

Excavation of the bottom layer underneath the rectangular stone feature produced very large fragments of unburnt and burnt bone and some pottery and porfyrite flakes to adepth of around 50 cm:s below ground surface. A round piece of burnt clay was found close to the structure and some interesting porfyrite tools a bit futher away.

A round piece of burnt clay and porfyrite tool.

It´s always a bit sad when an excavation comes to an end. Luckily our team will meet up one last time tomorrow when we visit Ålands Museum to take look at the stone-age exhibitand discuss the excavation results and the continuation of the digs in Geta between 2023 and 2027.

The restored and filled up excavation area. Photo Tryggve Gestrin.

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