Tuesday 2 August 2022

Excavating a neolithic Pitted Ware Culture dwelling site in Geta. Day 7 /10

Yes, we did find another Clay Idol fragment today too! This time the fragment was from the lower part of the body of the figurine but it was a bit too difficult to photograph properly in field conditions so you will have to wait a while until we get studio quality pictures of the find.

The 56 square meter excavation area photographed just before we started work this morning.

The day was quite hectic as we are battling against time to get the dig finished by Friday. In order to do that we spent quite a lot of time uncovering the 4th layer of the 20221 excavation trenches. 

Busy but happy participants of the Archaeology Field School.

On the main excavation  areas the find layer continued to produce a vast amount of different types of finds.

Pitted Ware Culture potsherds from the 7th day of the Geta excavation.

Tomorrow we will try to reach level 4 on the entire excavation area. This will probably mean that we will reach the levels with concentrated dark grey colored soil and closed find contexts from refuse pits and other neolithic stone-age structures.

All excavation finds are sorted in plastic boxes before the find spots are mapped using a Tachymeter.

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