Thursday 11 August 2022

Amber, pottery and much more! Excavating a Late Comb Ceramic Culture dwelling site in Pitäjänmäki (Helsinki). Day 2/5

The participants of the field school come from a wide variation of different backgrounds and also different nationalities like Great Britain, Sweden and Sri Lanka. We are of course grateful to all of you who have shown interest in the dig

Indu, an archaeologist from Sri Lanka and Erik an archaeology student from Umeå Sweden (right) assist us  during this years excavation.

Our crew was very busy this morning and at around twelve o´clock today we reached the first level of the find layer.  I was very surprised how nicely everyone helped each other out to achieve this first important goal of the dig.

Busy people. Marjo mapping the area and participants of the field school excavating layer 1.

The excavation area was carefully cleaned and the profiles straightened before documenation. The first excavation level showed only very minor discolorisation of the soil due to  human activity in the neolithic.

The long and narrow excavation area photographed in layer one.

In the afternoon the finds started to mount up and every participant got their share of stone-age finds like neolithic pottery, quartz-, slate- and flint flakes. A large slate core beautiful Late Typical Comb Ceramic ware and some fragments of an amber pendant finished the day.

A slate core and Late Typical Comb Ceramic potsherds.

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