Thursday 18 August 2022

More beautiful Early Comb Ceramic Culture potsherds! Excavating the Ruskiasuo dwelling site. Day 2/5

The weather continues to be fantastic and so do the finds. Today we managed to fully excavate layer one and found an amazing amount of well preserved 7000 year old potsherds and many other finds.

Many of the potsherds form concentrations where all sherds are from the same vessel.

The temperature reached 29 degrees Celsius so water was in high demand. Still some complaints culd be heard when I had to order mandatory brakes in the excavation work :) Luckily the excavation area is situated in the shadow.

The excavation progresses according to plan and the participants are very busy. At times we stop the work so that people also have time to admire their finds and photograph them.

Today we were visited by the Finnish Broadcasting Company who interviewed and filmed me for a clip in the evening news as well as a web article. Just click on the link below to have a look!

Link to YLE TV news

Just a few of todays potsherds

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