Monday 31 August 2020

Seven days of excavating the WW2 battlefields of the Hanko front

31.8.2020 Monday (day one). After introductionary lections at the Hanko Front Museum our small but efficient team of nine opened up a couple of trial excavation areas in close proximity of the frontline trenches, shelters and other constructions in the area around the museum.

BA Jaakko Ervasti supervising the trial excavation near one of the WW2 shelters in the area. Photo Jan Fast.

 The main goal is to make preparations for the large scale excavations in 2021 and of course the conflict archaeology excavation day with local schools on September 19th 2019.

BA Fanny Fagerholm (Hanko 1941 team member) supervising the trial excavation. Photo Jan Fast.

As many interesting and also tragic events occurred in this particular area we wish to concentrate on the areas providing the most infomation and finds that illustrate the events that took place here in the summer, autumn and winter of 1941.

Hanko 1941 team members opening up a fresh trial excavation area. Photo Jan Fast.

The task is not an easy one as much has happened here since the war and the undisturbed spots are hard to find and often buried deep underneath the topsoil.

Trial excavation area prior to excavation. Photo Jan Fast

It is during times like these I feel very grateful indeed to have two very skilled archaeology students in my team. BA Fanny Fagerholm from the University of Uppsala and BA Jaakko Ervasti from the University of Oulu.

9mm sub machine gun bullet. Photo Jan Fast