Sunday 19 July 2015

Jokiniemi 2015 day 22/22. The excavation has ended.

And as it seems it ended on time. Some documentation and a few checks tmr. and then it´s thank you and goodbye for us.

My research assistants, four wonderful archaeology students from Helsinki University dpt of Archaeology and the open university. Photo Mirva Uotila for the City of Vantaa.

As all you archaeologists know the last hours of the dig often are very exciting. This was more than true on this dig when large potsherds and a beautiful complete stone axe turned up (almost in the last minute). The cultural layer ended in clay over the whole excavation area so I feel confident that we have really reached the bottom layer now.

Potsherds "on a tray".

Close up!

Same digger but new find...

... a complete neolithic stone axe!

Gorgeous corded ware culture axe found today in Jokiniemi

The polished stone axe was found at a depth of approx 1 meter below the surface at the very bottom of the cultural layer. The excavations of the find spot are continuing...

Saturday 18 July 2015

Jokiniemi 2015 day 21/22

And now the end is near... sparkling wine and fresh Finnish strawberries for the troops in the trench. Traditional offerings to the Gods too. Some 30 people participated today, everyone of them motivated and eager to know more about the Neolithic Stone-Age.

Popping the cork.

 And then it was back to digging layer 6 :).


More neolithic pottery

Fragmentary flint knife.

and the dig continues.

Friday 17 July 2015

Excellent pictures from the Jokiniemi 2015 dig

From the Facebook page of the City of Vantaa. 

Jokiniemi 2015 day 20/22

Thunder and lightning turned the exavation area into a swimming but pool without a pool bar. I have to say I admire the people who participated today and made this day a very good one despite the weather. Two days left of the dig and we are exactly on time.

The sea came back for a while.

Removing the water.

Digging between the rainshowers.

 Early typical comb ceramic ware!

 More flint artefact.

Late comb ceramic pottery.

Thursday 16 July 2015

Jokiniemi 2015 day 19/22

What an awesome day with even more finds (will they never end?). Enjoy this picture cavalcade from todays endeavours.

 The geometry of digging.

 Admiring a find.

Wonderful small neolithic flint artefacts.

Janne giving directions.

Finding the unexpected.

"But is it art ? " Jokiniemi 2015 day 19/22

Great day and it´s not even finished yet. Today we found this wonderful 5 x 5cm piece of stone age artwork. The drawing was applied on a piece of clay before being burnt over open fire. Everyone is free to do  their own interpretation of the object. Intriguing Yes and over 5000 years old.

As found today at 11 am,

Link to an article about the find (in Finnish)

Wednesday 15 July 2015

Jokiniemi 2015 day 18/22

The dig is nearing it´s end but the magnificent finds don´t seem to end. Today we had around 20 people participating and we made good advance. Below are some pictures of a couple of todays finds. Enjoy.

Neolithic pottery

 Neolithic pottery.

Flint arrowheads


Happy diggers

Tuesday 14 July 2015

Jokiniemi 2015 day 17/22

Another arrowhead day :). Sadly my infected foot is causing trouble, thank god I have a wonderful team to take care of business while I´m visiting the doctor and the lab. Have to take it much slower for a while though.

Another flint arrowhead :)

Digging the features of excavation level 5.

Another find!

More neolithic pottery!!

Todays visitors brought a couple of articles from the excavations in the 1990´s with them. Yes it´s me and omg the hair... :D

Monday 13 July 2015

Jokiniemi 2015 day 16/22

A complete neolithic stone-axe,  several flint arrowheads and lots of other beautiful quartz and flint artefacts. Neolithic pottery (late comb ceramic and corded ware). Time to enjoy every second of this once in a lifetime dig. below some pictures from todays unforgettable endeavours.

A neolithic stone-axe has just been found!

A wonderful flint arrowhead (one of four that were found today)

Late neolithic pottery (probably corded ware)

Late comb ceramic pottery ready for the lab (C14 and lipid/starch analysis)

One more flint arrowhead

This wonderful young fellow made my day several times today. Here he is throwing stones into the sea (of flowers) like his friends probably were doing some 5000 years ago. Same excitment and joy!