Tuesday 15 February 2022

Large Nordic community archaeology excavation planned for 2022-2023

In the 1997 I led the a Nordic field course in archaeology (NAU 1997) in Salo SW Finland together with the legendary archaeologist Anna-Liisa Hirviluoto and assisted by archaeology students Helena Anttila (R.I.P) and Henrik Jansson. The excavation with participants from all of the Nordic countries was a fantastic experience and left an ever lasting impression on me. Sadly with the untimely death of Anna-Liisa Hirviluoto soon after, the fine tradition with the circulating Nordic community archaeology excavations came to an abrupt end.

15 years after the wonderful excavation in Salo NAU 2023 is now beeing planned with combined funding from several different sources and in close co-operation with Söderlångvik Manor. The excavation is planned to take place on the fantastic Ölmosviken dwelling site on Kimitoön in SW Finland a site that has provided large amounts of finds from the late neolithic/early bronze age. Sensational finds of unburnt 4 000 year old bones last summer add to the scientific and also popular interest of the site.

Link to the webpage of Söderlångvik Manor

The multidisciplinary excavation will also include pedagogic archaeology with schools that specialize in media- and photographic art education. During the excavation the students will document the excavation and give their personal perspective and a fresh look at both the finds themselves as well as the intriguing world of archaeological fieldwork. The results will be presented in an exhibition and of course on social media during the excavation itself and after it.

The finds from Ölmosviken belong to the so called "Kiukais" culture. Photo Jan Fast

NAU 2023 will be precidated by a five day long trial excavation lasting from the 22nd to the 26th of August. Please send us an email to jfarchaeology@gmail.com if you wish to participate in this excavaton. There is no participation fee and you don´t need any previous experience of archaeology in order to participate.