Friday 12 August 2022

Excavating a Late Comb Ceramic Culture dwelling site in Pitäjänmäki (Helsinki). Day 3/5

Today was the best day of the excavation so far with many Neolithic Stone-Age finds from the entire excavation area. No wonder we were all in a very happy mood and the six hours of work felt like two. Time sure flies when you´re having fun  :)

Excavation work in progress.

Todays finds included quite large amounts of Late Typical Comb Ceramic style (Ka II:2) potsherds belonging to several different clay vessels, burnt seal bones, fragments of charred hazlenut nutshells, burnt seal bones and a small piece of chewing resin.

A few late Typical Comb Ceramic Culture potsherds and a quartz core (bottom left) found today.

Todays finds also included a strange, small but intriguing burnt clay item. The find that resembles a button has wood impressions on the flat side. I have a faint memory that similar items were found on the Typical Comb Cermic dwelling site in Vantaa Jokiniemi site in the 1990´s.

Strange button shaped burnt clay artefact.

Tomorrow we will start excavating layer 3 which usually contains one or more nice surprises :) . Remember to check in here for more updates!

Participants in the Archaeology Field School checking the depth of the excavation area.

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