Saturday 31 August 2013

Remarkable 14th century gold ring found in Espoo

Sadly it seem to be lacking its gemstone but nice ring even without it. According to Tryggve Gestrin at the Espoo city museum it dates to the 14th century and is the first of it´s kind in Finland.  It was found by a metal detectorist near  Espoo manor situated by "The Kings Road" and connecting Oslo, Stockholm and Wyborg.
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Espoo Manor.

 Happy archaeologists from Espoo city museum (Tryggve Gestrin to the left and AnnaWessman to the right) with Antti Hirvinen the lucky guy who found the ring  in the middle!

Public picture taken from Antti Hirvinen's Facebook page.

Public picture from Antti Hirvinen's Facebook page.

                                            Public picture from Antti Hirvinen's Facebook page.

Friday 9 August 2013

Some ideas for 2014

When it comes to archaeological fieldwork in 2014  I´m currently planning a couple of small scale rescue excavations in Raseborg SW Finland (early comb ceramic sites ca 5000 BC) - I´m also planning a project to locate bronze age dwelling sites in Espoo, Vantaa and Helsinki (in april-may) and WW 2 battlefield / conflict archaeology on the islands outside Hanko (including Bromarv). If you are interested in participating  or have good ideas about what areas to concentrate on, feel free to contact me anytime.



Thursday 8 August 2013

Educating and presenting archaeology in 2013 and 2014

Students from Ekenäs Gymnasium excavating a 6000 year old stone age dwelling site in Raseborg SW Finland (copyright JFA 2013)

In a couple of months JFA will announce the first preview of trial excavations, educational opportunities and everything else for people interested in archaeology in Finland ages 8 and up.

The first update will be online here on 1st of October. The info will be updated on a monthly basis but feel free to ask any questions via email at:



Thursday 1 August 2013

TODAY! A find of a beautiful neolithic flint sickle from S Finland

My good amateur archaeologist friend today informed me about this wonderful new find!! A bronze age Scandinavian type flint sickle! Thought of as a fossil (maybe a sharks tooth by the owner)... until now.
Sadly the item has no provenance but was found in a scrapbox in the old farmhouse but still... what a beautiful object it is!!

Summervacation is over and it´s time to start blogging again

I´ll start with this nice find of a previously unknown bronze age cairn from Porvoo (SE Finland). The cairn has been partly destroyed revealing a stone "chamber or coffin" in the center. The preserved part of the cairn is approx 4 x 10 m:s and of a clearly elongated form. The cairn and the coffin are orientated approx E-W.

Read more about archaeological research by the National Board of Antiquities in Finland (sadly only in finnish) on Facebook