Thursday 30 May 2013

Reunion (and drawing) of the subneolithic anthropomorphic clay figurines from Jokiniemi

I spent most of the day drawing these guys :)

 Box full of figurines (and memories).

Head fragment

Head fragment

Fragment of the torso

Fragment of the torso

I own the rights to my own work so please ask before you repost any of the scetches above!

Wednesday 29 May 2013

Finds from Långåmossarna

Here I will post a selection of the finds from the excavation. This area will be updated as work with cleaning the finds progresses, be patient...

Stone implements

Oval shaped loom weights or hammerstones


Vessel 1

Ka I:2 rimsherd  (ca 4000 B.C.)

Decoration on the rim of the pot.

 Interesting rare rim profile

From the same vessel

Seam imprint.

Vessel 2.

Ka I:2 rimsherds (older style) ca 4200 B.C.

As above.

Almost straight rim profile.

This vessel was painted red (faint traces of red ochre on the rim).

Burnt bone


Complete seal "flipper" bone

Finally to the National Board of Antiquities tomorrow

to do some microscopic research of the anthropomorphic clay figurines from the subneolithic stone age dwelling site at Vantaa Jokiniemi. After this the publication should be 95% ready. My approach to the figurines will be mostly chronological and comparative and I will be focusing on studies of realistic anthropomorphic clay figurines found in Western Russia, Latvia, Finland (including the Åland islands). In my upcoming article I will also discuss some aspects of the possible use, ornamentation and issues concerning the supposed gender of the figurines.

Tuesday 28 May 2013

Features and more

Below some more photos from Långåmossarna as you can see there were some very marked stone age features... I will start posting pictures of the ceramic finds tomorrow when they are dry enough to be cleaned!

 Juuso taking photos of the eroding soot and charcoal feature

Soot and charcoal 4000 B.C.

Careful excavation of layer 2.

Juuso keeping all tools at hand.

Teachers lunchbreak.

The dig continues...

The soil gets darker as the dig progresses.

In "the pit".

Layer 3.

Soot and charcoal in the profile.

From above (layer 4).

... and the same in the eastern profile..

Cultural layer in the northern profile.

Monday 27 May 2013

Fantastic day at the Långåmossarna excavation

Just got home after a mere 12 hour working day.

View from the command center

Me and Juuso would like to thank all the participants of the trial excavation at Långåmossarna. What an amazing day and great finds too! Below are some pics from this wonderful summers day in Raseborg, more to come (including detailed pictures of the finds) in the days ahead as I get them edited (and cleaned)! A full collection of pics can also  be seen on my Facebook page Jan Fast (Archaeology).

Media links here (in swedish)

Excavating layer one

Careful work in progress

By the "table"


Worn tools "since 1990"

Sieving in progress

"Early comb ceramic potsherd ca 3900 BC.

Hey ho lets go

Me and Juuso are on our way to Raasepori :). The skies are grey but the forecast says there will be no rain and temperatures around 20 degrees. Excellent conditions! The students will arrive at nine so we will have some time for preparations and planning before they arrive.

Sunday 26 May 2013

Updates about our excavation project starting tomorrow at 9.00 am

More of this tomorrow 

The excavation will be radioed on Radio Vega and there will also be an article in Västra Nyland later this week. I will update this page with pictures from the excavation tomorrow. Wish us luck :)

Friday 24 May 2013

Everything is now ready for the Långåmossarna Archaeology Project

Excavation permit ok - check
Local media contacted - check
Landowner contacted - check
Local museum contacted - check
Field gear for 20 persons  - check
Mapping equipment - check
Paper bags for finds (+ pens) - check
Camera - check
Computer - check
Weather great -check
Good vibes - check

Lets Rock :)

Anthropomorphic (?) clay figurine of the "Paimio" type. Previous excavations of the Långåmossarna site has yielded some great examples too so its on the wishlist this year too.

Wednesday 22 May 2013

Time team rules

Tens of episodes of this great archaeology series on You Tube via this link:

...and a full list of the episodes here :)

Formal excavation permit

is now granted for the Långåmossarna project by the National Board of Antiquities/Teija Tiitinen. I also informed the media about the project today and made some calculations as to how much we can get done with the work crew of almost 20 people. That´s a remarkable workforce, but as the time is very limited indeed it is worth concentrating on a few major issues.

- Rescue excavation and documenation of at least one of the hearthlike features before the erosion takes care of it.

- Systematical seaving of the eroded parts of that same feature that have fallen into the gravel pit

- Documentation of the preserved part of the dwelling site that´s to help the planning of a larger scale rescue excavation of the same site in 2014

Whatever we do we aim to do it good and the weather seems to be on our side too :)

Below are some pictures of the type of potsherds (later phase of early comb ceramic ware or KA I:2) we expect to find during the excavation and a distribution map of sites with this kind of pottery in Finland.