Wednesday 3 August 2022

Excavating a neolithic Pitted Ware Culture dwelling site in Geta. Day 8 /10

The eighth excavation day proved to be just as amazing as we expected. During the day we also managed to reach level 4 of the entire excavation area. Two areas of very dark coloured soil yielded a few more fragments of clay idols, lots of burnt bone and pottery. The total number of finds from the excavation so far can be estimated to around 15 000 different finds.

The areas with dark coloured soil were extremely rich in finds. Photo Tryggve Gestrin.

A visting osteologists took a quick look at the bone fragments and immediatly noticed an interesting find among the vast amount of seal, bird and fishbones namely a burnt bone from a stone-age dog. The bones found during the excavation will be subjected to analysis during the long winter months. The clay idol frgments found today were decoreted with a net and pattern and lines.

More fragments of clay idols,

Todays potsherds are all attributable to the Pitted Ware Culture but many new variations of the ornamentation could again be observed.

Pitted Ware Culture potsherds from the eight day of excavations.

Tomorrow we will probably start rounding up this years excavation and prepare the area for the upcoming 2023 dig. Some 30 people have already announced their interest in the 2023 excavation but many more will be able to participate. In case you would like to join us 31.7-4.8.2023 or 7.8-11.8.2023 please send a letter of interest to

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