Thursday 1 September 2022

First find from the 17th century and a yellow glass bead. Excavating Korsholm Castle day 4/6.

Today we finally found our first find from the 17th century, a silver 1 öre coin from the reign of Karl XI (1655-1697).  The coin was minted in 1696. Last day I promised ice cream to the school children if we found a coin so I guess it´s time to start tomorrows dig with just that :)

1 öre silver coin (1696)

Other interesting finds today included a glass bead and a bronze finger ring that was found on the site in the 1960´s. The ring is a very old one for sure but was discarded by the local museum in the 1960´s because of the swastika as probably having been lost by a German soldier visiting Vasa between 1941 and 1944. Sadly there is no way of knowing how many hundred years ago it was made.

Bronze fingerring with swastika and other decorations.

The glass bead is yellow in colour and covered with a silvery layer of so called weathering crust which suggests that is quite old. 

Weathered yellow glass bead.

Tomorrow will be the last day of the excavation with school children and I´m sure we will something interesting again! 

Happy schoolchildren during todays excavation.

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