Thursday 6 June 2013

Final visit to the National Board of Antiquities today...

drawing the Jokiniemi and Maarinkunnas (thanks Sirpa Leskinen) clay figurines for publication and cataloguing mesolithic finds from the Lill-Ingåla dwelling site in Espoo (excavated in 2007). The Lill-Ingåla finds mostly consist of fragments of burnt bone, a few quartz artefacts (mainly scrapers) and quartz flakes but the elevation of the site points it out as being the oldest in the area. Actually the site may be as old as 9000 B.C. Now that´s nice :)

Lill-Ingåla dwelling site (photo Tryggve Gestrin Espoo city museum)

Clay figurine torso from Maarinkunnas 
(drawing courtesy of Jan Fast)