Friday 14 April 2023

NAU 2024 will be arranged on the Åland islands in 2024!

Today I received the fantastic news that "Kulturfonden för Sverige och Finland" has awarded me a grant to plan the next NAU (Nordiskt Amatörarkeologiskt Utgrävningsläger) camp. 

Picture from the community archaeology excavation of the site in 2022

NAU 2024 will take place on the 4 200 year old Corded Ware and Pitted Ware Culture dwelling site in Geta N. Åland. The excavation will take place in july/august 2024 and will be arranged in two five-day -long parts. 25 participants from the Nordic countries will be able to participate in both excavation weeks. NAU 2024 will include pedagogic archaeology with local schools and lot´s of other activities during the excavation itself.

Pitted Ware culture rimsherd from Geta, Östergeta Ge 16.9..

The excavation will be done in co-operation with Ålands Museum, Mariehamns Medborgarinstitut, the University of Stockholm and schools on the Åland islands. Please send a short letter of interest to if you became interested and think that this might be something for you.