Saturday, 29 June 2019

The Durchgangslager Hanko 1942-1944 excavation up next

From 1-19.7.2019 we will once more excavate the materiality of the second world war German transition camp in Hanko S. Finland.

X-Ray analysis of a tag with a name and a Feldpostnumber found during excavations in 2018. The number clearly is 44443 which corresponds to that of 3. Kompanie Pionier-Bataillon SS-Division Nord.

This years excavation will probably the last scientific excavation in the area before the results of the painstaking work 2014-2019 will be presented in my doctoral dissertation "Durchgangslager Hanko 1942-1944 - The Archaeology and History of a Second World War German Transition Camp n Hanko, S. Finland".
Finds over ground. A large stash of original German documents was found inside the ventilation shaft of a building in Hanko harbour in May 2019!

Check in for daily updates of our work here starting July 1st!

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