Wednesday, 5 June 2019

Excavating the neolithic stone-age at Vävarsbacka II. The last day

This was the last day of this years excavation of the Vävarsbacka II site in Porvoo. The weather was fabulous with a temperature of +28 degrees C!!

Archaeologist Janne Soisalo bagging the last excavation finds of 2019.

We finally found a rimsherd to the asbestos tempered clay vessel along with a big fragment of the same vessel with a very well preserved carbonized crust. From this we will get a representative C14 analysis!

The rimsherd!

The rest of the finds were mainly Ka III:1 potsherds along with quartz flakes and a small slate chisel!

The last major finds from the 2019 dig.

After both excavation areas were dug to the lowermost (clay) layer we filled the pits and  put back the surface turf. In a couple of months time no one will notice we ever dug here.

A big thanks to everyone who participated, the landowner and of course  Borgå Medborgarinstitut who arranged and financed the excavation. We will most certainly be back next year <3 :)

Jan and Janne

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