Thursday, 13 June 2019

Helsinki 3500 BC! The Nuolipuisto excavation.

The Nuolipuisto excavation started today. This is the largest community archaeology excavation this season. The excavation if organized by Pitäjänmäki-seura ry and the community archaeology society ANGO ry.
Archaeology is for all ages.

Because of the large number of participants it was possible to open up a relatively large excavation area. This first day was therefore much about removing the topsoil that covers the stone-age finds.

The participants removing the topsoil of the excavation area.

Fragments of comb ceramic pottery along with flint and quartz flakes were found over the entire excavation area which is a promising sign for the upcoming excavation days.

Removing the last cm:s of the topsoil.

This years excavation is very interesting as we have participants from many different universities attending. Our guest from Italy Ms Boccagna (Universty of Salerno) found her first neolithic finds just about an hour into the dig.

Digging the stone-age (Salerno-Umeå-Helsinki).

After a few hours of work we completed the so called excavation level-0. And documented it before moving on to excavating layer 2.

The excavation area before excavation (left) and with the topsoil removed  (right).

To be continued tomorrow :)

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