Monday, 3 June 2019

Excavating the neolithic stone-age at Vävarsbacka II. Day 3/5

This was a very beautiful summers day. Nice finds too (again) and the many, very large Ka II:2 potsherds found throughout the day raised the spirit even higher.

Large comb ceramic potsherds on a "tray".

Even by my standards this was an amazing day!! We were very happy to welcome an elderly local couple to the dig. Age is no obstacle when it comes to the <3 of archaeology.

MA, archaeologist Janne Soisalo instructing the 80+ couple who participated today <3

As during the day before the finds were plentiful in both excavation areas. Asbestos tempered ware was found only in excavation area II along with potsherds attributable to Ka III.

Excavating layer two of excavation area II.

Rimsherd of a very young variant of late comb ceramic pottery (Ka III)

We also found acouple of stone artefacts. Two complete whetstones and at least two flint artefacts.

Small triangular whetstone.

As the temperature gradually rose throughout the day, summery sunhats were brought out :)

Summer hats :)

It´s hard to estimate the total number of finds at this stage but they must be in their thousands. We are happy that they are not as fragmented as last year. Several of the potsherds contain remains of carbonized food which will be interesting to analyze during the forthcoming winter.

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