Saturday, 1 June 2019

Excavating the neolithic stone-age at Vävarsbacka II. Day 1/5

Finally excavating here again after almost exactly one year. The weather couldn´t have been better when me and archaeologist Janne Soisalo hit the road and took the one hour long journey to the excavation site. The excavation site was completely embedded in the wonderful light green colour of early June.

The 2019 excavation started in wonderful weather.

The first finds appeared directly after the removal of the turf layer. Among the very first finds were potsherds attritubable to four different occupation staes of the complex stone age dwelling site. First a a couple of fragments of pots from the typical comb ceramic period (3900-3400 BC).

After that one frament of a pot from the late comb ceramic culture (Uskela ceramics 3600-3200 BC). And a fragment of ceramic vessel of so called asbestos tempered ware (ca 3000 BC).

Asbestos fibres protruding from one of the potsherds.

The excavation advanced very rapidly and with many great finds surfacing all through the day. Last but not least we found three fragments of corded ware pottery (ca 3200-2300 BC) and a large fragment of a stone axe of greenish slate!! 

Corded ware pottery!

Can´t wait for tomorrow :).

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