Sunday, 2 June 2019

Excavating the neolithic stone-age at Vävarsbacka II. Day 2/5

The second excavation day started with a cloudy sky and a few rainshowers. This made our work a little more difficult because of the wet soil sticking to and clogging up the the sieves. 

At the sieve.

After about one PM the weather cleared and we were able to pick up pace with the excavation again :). We managed to get excavation layer one finished on both excavation areas and found some very nice finds while doing so.

Digging the sandy soil of Vävarsbacka II.

During the day we uncovered more finds of asbestos tempered ware, comb ceramic ware, corded ware, quartz and flint flakes, a couple of fragmants of stone axes and burnt bone of at least seal.

Typical comb ceramic ware (rimsherd)

Corded ware (rimsherd)

More asbestos tempered ware!

Before continuing into excavation layer two the excavation areas were mapped and photographed. Of special interest were three postholes at a regular distance from each other. The potholes coud indicate that a building of some sort once stood on the site.

Cleaning the area before documentation.

The possible postholes marked with yellow pegs.

After documentation the excavation continued on both excavation areas. Numerous finds from both areas indicate that excavation day three (tomorrow) will probably be a very exciting one!

The excavation continues.

The excavation continues again tomorrow @ 10 am :)

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