Monday, 24 June 2019

Excavating the corded ware culture in Espoo S. Finland

Today was the long awaited first day of this very interesting excavation close to the famous Sperrings site in Espoo S. Finland.  The place is called Kläppkärr and previous excavations in 1998 and 1999 have yelded many finds from the early comb ceramic period (Ka I:2 ca 4300−4100 BC) as well as the Corded Ware culture ca 2800–2500 BC). The excavation is financed by "Esbo Arbetarinstitut"

The etensive dwelling site area of Sperrings from the south. During the earliest occupation the sea level was approximately were the fields are now. During the corded ware culture there was a lake where the sea once was.

The dig started with the removal of the topsoil. This work was quite hard due to the many large spruce trees in the vicinity of trial excavation area one.

The first finds were encountered immediately when sand was encountered in the southernmost area of the trial excavation area. Small fragments of pottery of both early comb ceramic and corded ware culture along with quartz flakes and burnt bone littered the top of the first excavation layer.

This day was very warm indeed so we were happy to work in the shadows of the dence forest covering this well preserved part of the stone-age dwelling site :)

I will be back with an update again tomorrow when we reach the proper find layer. Thumbs up that we will find some interesting potsherds to date and analyze.

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