Saturday, 8 June 2019

Corded ware pottery! Ruskiasuo day two :)

Today we dug into layer two and made testpits in the surrounding area in order to determine the total extent of the early comb ceramic dwelling site.

Ecvavating layer two!

As expected we found many more large potsherds attributable to the early comb ceramic settlement. The approximate shoreline could be fixed to around 24-25 m. asl.

More early comb ceramic ware.

During the last hectic hour of this days excavation  we also found a rimsherd of a different type of pot. Namely one from the corded ware culture (ca 2550 BC)! At this stage of ocupation the dwelling site was situated by a small lake.

Corded ware!

We finished off the day by filling up trial excavation area two and sieved the remainening buckets of sandy soil. Tomorrow is the final day of this short first trial excavation of the site. 

At the sieve.

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