Wednesday, 26 June 2019

More corded ware culture and early comb ceramic potsherds

Today we dug the last layer of trail excavation area one. Nice finds today too but no real trasures except for the simple partly destroyed hearth in the southern part of the trial excavation area.

We were a bit surpsised to reach the bottom layer of the excavation area this fast. Seems like we are at the eastenmost edge of the comb ceramic settlement in this area. This observation correlates with the observations made during the excavation in 1999.

Level 2. of trial excavation area one. To  the left is part of the excavation area from 1999.

The finds were of the more standard type today and consisted mostly of potsherds, quartz flakes, burnt bone and a couple of fragments of polished stone tools.

Corded ware culture pottery, a rimsherd with fain cord imprints.

Early comb ceramic potsherds.

Tomorrow, the weather permitting,  we will start work on trial excavation area two. The finds from that area will be of importance to the planning of the larger scale excavations of the site in 2020.

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