Tuesday, 4 June 2019

Excavating the neolithic stone-age at Vävarsbacka II. Day 4/5

A thunderstorm struck Helsinki and Porvoo last night. For some reason the amount of rain at Vävarsbacka had been far less than we feared and the work got off to a good start.

Cleaning excavation area one before documentation.

We cleaned and documented excavation level 3 before digging into layer four. We found some very nice potsherds from the  comb ceramic period but on a general level far fever than in the previos days. This is actually good news as the excavation ends tomorrow and we still need time to fill in the excavation area and tudy up the surroundings.

 Middle and late comb ceramic potsherds.

Very few structures have been found during the digs at Vävarsbacka but at least these stones in the lowermost corner of excavation area II might be part of a hearth of some sort. We will excavate this area next year.

Stone structure in excavation area II.

Layer four contained what seems to be the last bigger potsherds of this years excavation. In the bottom of one of the dark refuse pits we found a small triangular whetstone.

Potsherds and small whetstone from the last excavation layer.

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