Tuesday, 25 June 2019

A large fragment of a Corded Ware Culture stone-axe and a lot more!

Day two of the Kläppkärr excavation. We finally got to excavate the find layer after battling with the topsoil for almost a complete day :)

The finds began to accumulate quite rapidly. First lots of quartz flakes corded ware and comb ceramic pottery, burnt and even one piece of unburnt bone!

About one hundred different finds today from the first cm:s of excavation layer one!

The work progresses quite fast now that we have left almost all roots and the very dense and hard topsoil behind.

Almost in the center of the small trial excavation area there seems to be a hearth and very close to it we found fragments of a (apparently deliberately broken) Corded Ware Culture stone-axe.

Part of the carefully polished and then broken corded ware culture stone-axe.

To be continued... :)

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