Thursday, 27 June 2019

Starting work on trial excavation area two :) lots of finds!!

The forecast said that there would be rain today and we were already set on visiting the local museum instead of excavating. But it didn´t rain and instead of going to the museum we were able to dig the whole day long!

The excavation area photographed from the east. Photo Marjo Karppanen.

Trial excavation area two proved extremely rich in finds already from the start. The potsherds were larger and there were many more of them compared to trial excavation area one.

Early comb ceramic rimsherds.

Corded ware culture potsherds.

Among the finds there was a cylindrical sticklike object of burnt clay. According to Russian archaeologist Ekaterina Kashina items like these are sometimes found in clay figurine assemblages. An interesting small item!

Mystery item :)

Today we also got the green light for continued excavations of this beautiful site in June 2020! We are of course very happy for the support from Esbo Arbetarinstitut! Thanks to the trail excavation this year we now know excactly were to dig in 2020!

Tomorrow we will probably be very very busy with excavating find layers two and three :) can´t wait!

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