Wednesday 25 May 2022

Join us in exploring the Conflict Archaeology of the Cold War!

Immediately after the end of the Continuation War (Finnish-Soviet war of 1941-1944, part of the World War II) the USSR imposed, among other almost overwhelming demands, one particular condition: the areas west of Helsinki, around Kirkkonummi, Porkkalanniemi, Upinniemi and the fortress island of Mäkiluoto, were to be emptied of all population and leased to the USSR for 50 years, for the purpose of establishing a Soviet naval base (

Finland had no choice but to agree, despite the obvious threat to Helsinki and the need to evacute over 7 thousand additional people, along with hundreds of thousands others from the permanently lost Karelian territories. The base became known as "Porkkala Udd" in the USSR .

Although Finland fully expected that the USSR would hold on to this base until 1994 if not forever, the USSR managed to surprise it by returning it already in 1956, as geopolitical developments and high upkeep costs were apparently making the base rather impractical (

Registration for the first leg of the four year long project starts on June 1st 2022 at Kirkkonummen Kansalaisopisto. Please join us in our research right from the start by clicking on the link below. 

Porkkala 1944-1956

You can also send a letter of interest to if you would like to participate in the larger scale fieldwork in 2023.

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