Tuesday 24 May 2022

Day 4/13. Excavating the Kittiskoski E multiperiod dwelling site in Lohja SW. Finland

Day two of the informal learning/pedagogic archaeology for schoolchildren part of the excavation. Today we excavated with some 20 students and two teachers from Ristin koulu. During the day I also had plenty of time to discuss pedagogic methods with schoolteacher Milaja Sippola.

Schoolteacher Milaja Sippola and archaeologist Janne Soisalo with boxed excavation finds.

The day progressed very well with approximately the same program as yesterday and by the end of the day both the archaeologists, the schoolchildren and the teachers finished off in a happy and relaxed mood.

At times the excavation area was "a bit" crowded.

The top find of today was a large quartz scraper alog with a fragment of a flint artefact, Typical Comb Ceramic ware, quartz and flint flakes and burnt bone. The students participated in marking the exact find spot for each find.

View towards NW from the Kittoski E site.

Tomorrow will be very busy with some 40 schoolchildren participating so its a good thing that we have had the time to practice our tasks with smaller groups first.

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