Wednesday 18 May 2022

Day 7/7. Excavating the Vävarsbacka II neolithic stone-age dwelling site in Porvoo S. Finland

Today was the last day of this years excavation of this beautiful neolithic site. The day was mostly dedicated to filling up the excavation area and cleaning up the surroundings. Despite this the site once again surprised us with a very nice find during the last hour of the excavation.

The flint knife probably had its tip broken off already in the stone age. The remaining part of the blade was preserved in the handle and discarded when the owner replaced it with a new one. The blade shows crackling possibly caused by fire. A beautiful last find indeed.

A fragmentary flint knife. The flint is of "eastern" origin.

The filling up was hard work, but the whole team made an excellent effort and by 1 PM the excavation area wasreturned to its original state.

Filling up the hole.

In the afternoon we made a small test pit to test the area of next years excavation. The finds were very promising so I think we have found the spot for our two week long excavation in 2023. A big thanks to Borgå Medborgarinstitut and all of the participants in this years field course. You rock!

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