Thursday 12 May 2022

Day 9/10 of excavating Soviet General Sergei Kabanovs underground command post in Hanko S. Finland.

Today we focused on the documentation of the astonishing remains of the command post. The work was supervised by MA Teemu Väisänen and also included teaching of documentation techniques to the participating students from Ekenäs gymnasium.

The remains of the NW corner of Sergei Kabanovs underground command post. Drone photo MA Teemu Väisänen.

Before the final drone photos were taken a massive effort to clean up the excavation area and the remains of the structure required the help of every participant. 

BA Elisa Melasniemi photographed during the work with cleaning the remains of the N wall of the structure.
Tomorrow we will fill in the excavation area but work on site will continue already in September. Please join us in our work by sending us a letter of interest to or register for participation in the dig by clicking on the link below!

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