Saturday 14 May 2022

Day 3/7. Excavating the Vävarsbacka II neolithic stone-age dwelling site in Porvoo S. Finland

 Day three and we have finally reached the 2nd excavation layer which means a lot of finds of various different types. The weather is also on our side, providing for superb excavation and documentation conditions. With a happy and talented team the mood during the excavation simply couldn´t be better

Happy participants during the todays excavation.

Todays finds were mostly attributable to the later stages of the comb ceramic culture but we also found sherds of asbestos temepered pottery. Finds like scrapers and fragments of polished stone tools fit chronologically well with the pottery.

Late comb ceramic potsherds found today.

Tomorrow will probably be the busiest day of the excavation. Let´s see what it brings :)

The excavation area phtographed during the final minutes of excavation on the 14th of May 2022.

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