Tuesday 10 May 2022

Day 7/10 of excavating Soviet General Sergei Kabanovs underground command post in Hanko S. Finland.

Today was the first "School Day" at the site with some 40 students from Swedish speaking schools in Hanko and Raseborg participating. The day was made possible with funding from Thure Galléns stiftelse, Aktia Stiftelsen i Hangö, Luckan Raseborg and Hangö Sommaruni. Our pedagogic work will continue for a full week and again in September (and 2023).

"Law and Order" ruled during todays excavation. Archaeologist Jaakko Ervasti (standing) supervising the excavation work ;)

The excavavation was in two parts with the youngest students excavating during the morning hours and the older ones in the afternoon. The day wasn´t just about digging but also included metal detecting and photographic documentation with a drone. A special thanks to my staff Aleksi Rikkinen, Teemu Väisänen, Elisa Melasniemi and Charles Pauley.

Archaeology student Elisa Melasniemi supervising the excavation of the W part of the excavation area.

The excavation results were also very interesting today and we managed to get a huge amount of information about the layout and constructions of the underground command post. The excavation area covers the area of a total of three rooms of the structure. We also found out that the command post was built on several different levels. We will start work with creating 3D models of the rooms and walls post excavation.

Students from Ekenäs gymnasium excavating near the NW corner of the command post.

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