Saturday 21 May 2022

Day 1/13. Excavating the Kittiskoski E multiperiod dwelling site in Lohja SW. Finland

After a couple of days of rest it was today time to kick off the community archaeology excavation of the stone-, and early metal period dwelling site in Kittiskoski. To our surprise this day yielded the first middle Iron-Age potsherds ever found on this very interesting site.

Iron-Age potsherds from todays excavation.

Other datable finds from today were potsherds from the typical and late stages of the Comb Ceramic Cultures as well as one potsherd attributable to the Corded Ware Culture. The finds testify to the several thousand years of habitation of the site. 

Typical comb ceramic potsherd from todays excavation.

On this first day the excavation was attended by 17 persons. The participants were in for a surprise already from the start when the topsoil estimated to be about 10 cm:s thick proved to be three or four times thicker. Adding to this part of the cultural layer was still frozen solid after the cold spring. As a  result this first day of the excavation was mainly spent using the shovel.

Excavating layer one. 

So looking forward to tomorrow when we reach the  2nd and 3rd levels of the find layer. More Neolithic finds for sure but hopefully also some more items from the Iron-Age. Thumbs up!

The excavation area pre-excavation.

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