Wednesday 11 May 2022

Day 8/10 of excavating Soviet General Sergei Kabanovs underground command post in Hanko S. Finland.

Today we reached the floor level of all three rooms in the N. part of the underground command post. The floor was made of woooden planks. In order to preserve the reamains the planks were covered up with soil after documentation.

Thick wooden planks cover the floor of the "Operational Room" of the command post. Photos Teemu Väisänen.

In the NW room the planks were covered with a linoleum (cork) carpet with an interesting floral design (red flowers on a green background). According to memories by people from Hanko the linoleum or cork mats were removed  and reused after the war but at least in thei smaller room the linoleum is still intact.

Floral pattern on the linoleum (cork) carpet of the NW room. Photo Teemu Väisänen.

The hard work in cearing the trial excavation trench of sand and rubble in order to reach the floor level was carried out by hard working students from Ekenäs gymnasium. A big thanks to all who participated today!

Students from Ekenäs gymnasium clearing the floor level of the command post. Photos Teemu Väisänen and Elisa Melasniemi.

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