Monday 23 May 2022

Day 3/13. Excavating the Kittiskoski E multiperiod dwelling site in Lohja SW. Finland

Today was the first day of the 9 day long pedagogic archaeology and informal part of the dig with twenty-one 12 year old students from Rauhalan koulu participating. Upon arrival the students were divided into tree smaller groups who altered between three different activities during the day.

The first activity area was the archaeological excavation site. This was maybe the activity the students had been waiting for the most. Some really nice small finds turned up in the top layer including a fragment of an amber pendant.

Archaeologist Janne Soisalo supervising the students on th dig site.

The second activity area consisted of a stone-age quiz on a mobile app. After some initial difficulties this activity proved very good too and the students eagerly photographed the excavation finds, the excavation site and the beautiful nature. The most successfull student was awarded a 10 e gift card.

Students used their cell phones to add photos and answer questions about life in the stone-age.

The third part of this different school day consisted of walking a nature trail guided by a forestry expert. During the walk the students got accuainted with the different forest types in the area. In sunny and warm weather this too was much appreciated by the students.

Differen forest types in the area of the prehistoric dwelling site.

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