Thursday 18 July 2019

"Durchgangslager Hanko" 2019 day thirteen and fourteen

Finally warm and sunny weather again. After locating Lotta Kantine Erika , today we started excavating two of the German dumps inside the "Entlausungsdorf area of the huge German transition camp.

Lotta Kantine Erika then and now.

No sign of the Finnish SS men so far but an intriguing amount of different types of finds. Tomorrow we will open up the third and last dump in this area. We will probably be busy excavating this until Friday afternoon. After that it´s time to pull out from Hanko for a well deserved summer holiday <3

Sadly our accomodation has very, very poor wifi but please join our conflict archaeology group on FB for more information n todays and other finds from these three fabulous weeks in Hanko!

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