Wednesday 3 July 2019

Day three of excavating the German WW2 transition camp in Hanko S. Finland

A very windy day here in Hanko but the many finds kept us warm.

A windy day on the beach.

We started off with documenting the excavation area which we have now dug to depth of ca 25 cm:s below ground surface. The dump layer contrasted quite nicely against the greyish undisturbed natural soil.

Dumpsite I with the two topmost layers removed.

Once again we encountered a multitude of different well preserved German WW2 finds! In the afternoon we extended excavation area I a bit to the south.

Spectacles, a watch stap, a chess piece, cigarillos and cigarette packages, Norwegian sardine cans and much much more :)

Tomorrow we will try to finish the excavation of this first dumpsite before the rain hits us on Friday. Thumbs up that we will succeed :)

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