Friday 5 July 2019

Stash of hundreds of German documents from "Gebirgs-Jäger-Regiment 206" found in a ventilation shaft in Hanko harbour.

A stash of at least hundreds of German documents dating from April to June 1944 was found in a ventilation shaft by an electrician working in Hanko harbour. The documents are in very good condition despite beeing over 75 years old.

German Gebirgsjäger in Hanko harbour in 1944. Photo Jan Fast research collection.

The documents are now beeing cataloged and photographed. The extraordinary find will be published in a separate publication in 2020.

Almost all of the documents relate to "Gebirgs-Jäger-Regiment 206"

Link to the web article and a short video by SVENSKA.YLE.FI (in Swedish) 

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