Monday 5 August 2019

Meanwhile in the far north, documenting the German WW2 "Sturmbock Stellung"

A while back my conflict archaeology colleague Mr Aleksi Rikkinen and his very good friend Mr Emil Sillanpää started the "Sturmbock Project".

Mr Aleksi Rikkinen catching a drone next to a german dugout on top of Ruossakero fell. Double raindow in the background. Photo by Emil Sillanpää

The two highly talented young students decided to map the complete extent of the last WW2 German "Nordfront" defence structure, situated within the northernmost borders of Finland, and used by retreating German forces in late 1944.

The reserach area in 2018!

Please take the time and have a look at their painstaking and tremendous work in this video! 

You can also follow them on Instagram!

More fresh pictures as promised by Mr Aleksi Rikkinen very soon!

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