Thursday 4 July 2019

A used German condom and a lot more :)

After a very windy day yesterday it was nice to have sunshine and warmth today. The first leg of the excavation is nearing it´s close and we are trying to make sure dumpsite I is completely excavated before Friday. Todays finds included several new find types including a used German condom, small packages of delousing powder, a book, beer bottles with etiquettes on them etc. etc.

A used German condom from the vicinity of the "Lotta Kantine Erika".

The amount of small finds of many, many different types is astounding. The finds come from every part of the excavation area.

 Many coins, Norwegian, Finnish and this German pfennig from 1942.

 A book.

 Small shaving mirror with an advertisemen on the back.

Bags of delousing powder "Läusepuder" (recommended by professor Morell)

The more common finds are german food ration cans. Archaeology student Fanny Fagerholm counted and measured each of them today and the total number exceeds 400 at the moment (from a 20 square meter area)!

At the end of the day we filled up 3/4 of the excavation area. A tough job but we did it :)

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