Tuesday 9 July 2019

Another amazing German WW2 dump site found!

After the very successfull excavation of the first dumpsite in the NE part of the German WW2 transition camp last week, I felt a little anxious that this weeks excavation might not match up with it. Not worried anymore :)

The carefully excavated 2nd level of dumpsite II when we left it today.

On the basis of todays finds tomorrow will be a very busy day at the excavation! The finds are so many that I´m also happy that we have 8 more days left of the excavation.

A selection of the approx 300 finds from today.

Tomorrow will probably be a  very busy day. At the moment we are approximately in the middle of the 2019 dig. I´m very thankful for my research assistants archaeology students BA Teemu Väisänen (University of Helsinki) and Fanny Fagerholm (Umeå Universitet).

Fanny (left) and Teemu (right)

And what a great excavation team again this week (including Mika :) )

Mika (left) and part of this weeks excavation team.

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